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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Establish sound policy for students with disabilities using these new compliance tools.

Physical Disabilities Under Section 504: Providing Compliant Accommodations
With details on the new ADA Title II rules and ADAAA language, you learn how the changes apply to your students. Plus, must-have case summaries and legal guidance help you determine when a student qualifies for Section 504 accommodations versus special education services under the IDEA.
Step-by-step strategies show your staff how to:
●        Make facilities accessible to students with mobility impairments
●        Use medical data to help determine the most appropriate accommodations for students with food allergies
●        Provide effective communication accommodations for students with hearing impairments
●        Keep students with asthma and multiple chemical sensitivities safe
●        And much more!

Athletics, Extracurricular Activities and Students With Disabilities:
District Obligations Under the IDEA and Section 504
By John W. Norlin, Esq.
Ensure your staff is making sound decisions regarding students with disabilities — including asthma and diabetes — who participate in athletics and extracurricular activities.
Chapters combine the latest legal guidance on your district's requirements, recent case summaries, and discussion of how the current law applies in different settings. You discover:
Steps your district might be required to take to ensure legal compliance
Circumstances under which your district could face liability when another entity discriminates on the basis of a student’s disability
How the IDEA and Section 504 apply to various extracurricular activities
And much more
Updated with full text of key judicial and administrative rulings, OCR Letters of Findings, OSEP guidance, and related IDEA and Section 504 provisions!

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