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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ginen I Hila pays tribute to the Guam Insular Guard Forces

Pictured above is the Guam Insular Guard Forces artifact that was unveiled during a special ceremony held December 10, 2011.


The Stirs of Echoes went off beautifully this morning, December 10, 2011, at the Plaza De Espåña, according to Ginen I Hila President-Elect Peter Onedera. Great job to President Felix C. Benavente and committee members.

Ginen I Hila paid tribute to the Guam Insular Guard Forces who defended the governor's palace in Hagåtña which then became noted as the start of the dark days of World War II. The group paid tribute at 4am at the statue of the praying hands that is right next to the pope statue across the Skinner’s Plaza. As was done in the past two years, a short narration took place by one of our members giving the details of how the Insular forces defended the governor's palace in the wee hours of 4am just as the Japanese soldiers were entering Hagåtña. There were lives lost at that encounter but it is now relegated into our history books and this Saturday marks the 70th year which is also simultaneously being observed by the Guam Museum, the War in the Pacific National Historical Park, the Guam Preservation Trust and the Guam Legislature. Ginen I Hila members verbally called out the names of the over one hundred thirty members of the Guam Insular Guard Forces accompanied by a single drum beat. At the end, a car horn was heard signaling what also was done on December 10, 1941.

Those in attendance were the following:

Acfalle, Beverly Ann
Aguon, Charissa Lynn
Benavente, Felix Crisostomo
Benavente, Lourdes Aguon
Calvo, Anthony Lloyd
Duenas, Peter Jon "Makåhna
Lizama, Benita Mesngon
Lizama, John Mesngon
Onedera, Peter R.
Onedersa-Salas, Selina Maria
Peredo, Juanita Toves "Juanit"
Quichocho, Patricia Ann
Ramirez, Anthony J. "Malia"
Salas, Antonia Masga
Salas, Vincent John "Vinnie"
Santos, Steven "Sashaleigh"
Shore, Julia H.
Tuquero, Victor

Prospective Members:

Diaz, Dr. Arlene Salas
Rivera, Dr. Matilda Naputi


Mr. O'Brien
Tony Garcia
Annie Cruz
Annette Donner
Sen. Tony Ada
Sen. Frank F. Blas, Jr.
Sen. Ben Pangelinan
Attorney Therese Terlaje

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