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-Joaquin Nangauta Naputi

"Be the change you want to see in the world."
-Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, November 27, 2009

29th Annual International PIBBA Conference - June 22-25, 2010, Republic of the Marshall Islands. Read details below.

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29th Annual International
PIBBA Conference


Tuesday-Friday, June 22-25, 2010
Marshall Islands High School

Sponsored by:
Pacific Islands Bilingual Bicultural Association (PIBBA) International and RMI Chapter

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Download Pioneer of the Year Packet

The PIBBA Conference is an annual event in which Western Pacific educators are provided with opportunities for professional growth and cultural enrichment. This year's conference offers a wonderful selection of traditional, innovative, and practical workshops, presented by creative and imaginative educators and cultural leaders from the Pacific islands.

PIBBA Conference Chairs:

Cheta N. Anien, President-Elect, PIBBA International
Emman Rokjan, President, PIBBA RMI Chapter

For information, contact Cheta N. Anien at (692) 625-5261/5262 or e-mail or


Pictured above: Proclamation signing for the 28th Annual International PIBBA Conference at the Governor's Conference Room. L-R front row seated: Carmen Weaver, Rosa Salas Palomo, Lt. Governor Mike Cruz, Governor Felix Camacho, and Dr. Jose Q. Cruz. Back row L-R: Teresita Flores, Maria Cruz, Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera, Carol Cepeda, Marife Fernandez, Mye Ganan Flores, Risa Salas Miguel, Zander Refilong, Joseph Mafnas, and Antonia Salas.

Pictured above: The 30th Guam Legislature presented a legislative resolution commending the celebration of the 28th Annual International PIBBA Conference on June 22, 2009 at the Guam Marriott Resort and Spa. Pictured above L-R: Dr. Robert Underwood, UOG President and first PIBBA President; Masa-Aki Emesiochl, first PIBBA President-Elect; Juanita Manibusan, PIBBA Conference Co-Chair & 2008-2009 President of PIBBA Guam Chapter; Rosa Salas Palomo, PIBBA Conference Co-Chair & 2008-2009 PIBBA International President-Elect; Senator Tina Muna-Barnes; Frances Sablan, CNMI head delegation; Marilyn Salas, 2008-2009 PIBBA International Secretary; Alister Tolenoa, Kosrae head delegation; and Shelten Neth, 2008-2009 PIBBA International President.

Pictured above L-R: Zander Refilong, PIBBA steering committee member; Lt. Governor Bill Tosie of Kosrae; PIBBA President Shelten Neth; and Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera, PIBBA steering committee member.

Pictured above L-R: Teresita Flores, PIBBA steering committee member; Joe Mafnas, PIBBA steering committee member; Frances Sablan, PIBBA secretary; Alister Tolenoa, Kosrae delegation; and Carmen Weaver, PIBBA steering committee member.

SOE International Conference - February 12-14, 2010. Read details below.


First International Conference on


Marriott Hotel Guam

February 12-14, 2010

About the Conference

The University of Guam School of Education is hosting an international conference for researchers, practitioners and school administrators to share their expertise, experiences, theoretical perspectives and research findings in education The conference focuses on Current Trends and Challenges in Education with the following sub-themes:

1. Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

2. Diversity, Learning Styles, and Special Needs

3. Partnerships, Collaboration, and Networking

4. Distance Education, Blended Learning, and Technology-Mediated Instruction

5. Dispositions, Values, and Relational Skills

6. Finance, Governance, and Accreditation

7. At-risk Learners, Family Crisis, and School-Based Interventions

8. Psychology, Sociology, and Philosophy of Education

Dr. Richard Giardina
Dr. Nerida F. Ellerton

Registration Fee

International Participants:

Early Bird (Before January 15, 2010): $150

On Site: $200

Regional and Local Participants: $100

Students (on daily basis): $50

Call for Papers

Participants who wish to present papers should e-mail a proposal that specifies a sub-theme and submit an abstract of not more than 250 words to the following coordinators.

1. Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

Coordinator: Dr. Kelle Murphy


2. Diversity, Learning Styles, and Special Needs

Coordinator: Dr. Richard Fee


3. Partnerships. Collaboration, and Networking

Coordinator: Dr. Patrick Leddy


4. Distance Education Blending Learning, and Technology-Mediated Instruction

Coordinator: Dr. Jacqui Cyrus


5. Dispositions, Values, and Relational Skills

Coordinator: Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera


6. Finance, Governance, and Accreditation

Coordinator: Dr. James Maryott


7. At-Risk Learners, Family Crisis, and School-Based Interventions

Coordinator: Dr. Stephen Kane


8. Psychology, Sociology, and Philosophy of Education

Coordinator: Dr. Sweeter Sachuo


Those who wish to participate in the Workshop on Technology-Enhanced Classrooms and the Round Table Discussion on a Collaborative Agenda for Research in Education should e-mail their proposals to the following chairs:

Workshop Chair: Dr. John Sanchez


Round Table Discussion Chair: Dr. Lou Ferrer


Important: Deadline for the submission of abstract and proposal is November 30, 2009.

Important Dates

Deadline for submission of abstracts: November 30, 2009

Results of abstract reviews returned to authors: December 10, 2009

Deadline for submission of full papers: January 10, 2010

For details go to


For details you may contact the following chairs:

1. Program: Dr. Stephen Kane


2. Registration: Dr. Don Shuster


3. Accommodation: Dr. Marge Artero


4. Publications: Dr. John Sanchez


5. Invitation: Dr. Velma Sablan


6. Promotions: Dr. Jacqui Cyrus


7. Sponsorship: Dr. Ning Li


8. Secretariat: Dr. Benit Camacho-Dungca


9. Cultural Tour Committee: Dr. Ye-Kyoung Kim


Dr. Lourdes M. Ferrer

Conference Chair

Dr. Elizabeth Hawthorne

Dean, School of Education

Graduate Credits/CEUs*

You can also earn three (3) ED894 graduate credits/CEUs. You must register for the conference before you register for the graduate credits at the Professional Development and Life-Long Learning Center, 2nd floor, MARC/Computer Center/PIP Building, Room #217. For more information, call 735-2601 or fax 734-1233. You can also e-mail the Instructor, Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera, at or call 735-2440.

*This course may be funded by the YEC Recertification Scholarship to qualified GDOE educators for certain workshops/sessions that fall under specified key areas. For more information, call 735-2470.

Guam IRA's 10th Annual Community Book Fair - Agana Shopping Center - December 12, 2009

This year’s fair will be on Saturday, December 12, 2009 at the Agana Shopping Center from 10:00 A.M. until 1:00 P.M. There will be exciting student performances including Maria Ulloa Elementary School’s Head Start students and the St. Francis Honor Choir. A special appearance of Clifford the Big Red Dog will also be available.

A special presentation of IRA’s Community Book Baskets will benefit the following: University of Guam’s School of Education Literacy Lab, Guam Memorial Hospital’s
Pediatric Ward, Erica’s House, Department of Youth Affairs, and the Alee Shelter in order to promote literacy.

There will be an array of books just for you! There will be paperback and hardcover books, young adult literature, and an assortment of professional books—all at affordable prices. There will also be software, novelties, and brand new Read-A-Thon 2010: “Go Green, Go Read” stocking stuffers. Books for IRA’s upcoming visiting author, Eric Ode, will also be on sale. There will be items from Southern Creations, PBS Guam, School Essentials, and Scholastic. Other features include the make-n-take children’s craft table, face painting, gift wrapping stations, raffle prizes, and more! You won't want to miss this event!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

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As an advocate for disseminating Pacific news so that our people can be informed, I’m pleased to announce that the Fall 2009 issue of Pacific Educator is now available via PDF download at As mentioned in PREL's announcement, the "Pacific Educator features articles focusing on the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) legislation, classroom applications for teachers, and PREL program updates from throughout the U.S.-affiliated Pacific and continental United States."

In particular, this issue includes topics dealing with standards for Guam and FSM, professional practice in Palau, preparing principals in the Pacific, Pohnpei's digital library training, social entrepreneurship & the arts, special tributes to Drs. Tom Barlow and Rita Inos, and Yap's transitional year of grade 5! Enjoy!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


As part of our community contribution to promote literacy, the University of Guam's ED638* students and I will be sharing effective literacy websites that we think you'll enjoy and learn from at the same time!

Website: FunBrain


Contributor: Tara Balajadia

FunBrain is an interactive website that offers educational activities for grade levels K – 8. Language Arts and Mathematical skills are reinforced through child friendly games. The website also offers a teacher resource and a homework help link.

The teacher resource link has a curriculum guide that groups games by title, subject, and grade level. The grouping is designed to help teachers easily choose appropriate games for their lessons. Math flashcard print outs are available on the teacher resource link. Teachers can create on- line quizzes for students to answer on the Quiz Lab link.

Funbrain offers the student games to practice math and language arts. Students log on to a game by their grade level and rate of difficulty. The language arts games target skills such as spelling, grammar, and word meaning skills. Math skills vary from number identification, measurement, addition, subtraction, and fractions. Students can join the blog sessions or send e-cards to other students. The homework help link offers reference materials with just a click away.

*ED638: Teaching with the Internet

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

UOG's 22nd Annual Regional Language Arts Conference

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The University of Guam's 22nd Annual Regional Language Arts Conference (LAC), which was held Friday and Saturday, November 6 & 7, 2009 at UOG and the Guam Marriott Resort and Spa was a success! The theme of the conference was "Multicultural Approaches in Language Arts Education." The LAC is an opportunity for professional growth and enrichment in literacy for educators in the Western Pacific region. Presentations focused on reading and writing across the content areas with particular attention on approaches in the multicultural context. Thus, it offered workshops and presentations that promote creative multicultural approaches to language arts, technology, assessment, literacy, and more!

The participants were treated to insightful speeches conducted by Keynote Speakers Drs. Nancy Updegraff and Nancy Hayward. Updegraff, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Special Consultant, proudly holds three doctorate degrees and eight master's degrees in the areas of Urban Education, English, Learning Disabilities, Reading Psychology, and Professional Development. Hayward is Professor of English at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and on the faculty in the Composition and TESOL Graduate programs. Her professional expertise includes composition theory and practice, multiculturalism, and sociolinguistics.

The various meaningful presentations and workshops included the following:

*Digital Storytelling Made Easy! By Dr. Catherine Stoicovy, Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera, & Professor Julie Fee

*The (His)Story Of English & The Language Arts Teacher By Dr. Clarisa Quan

*Conceptualization Of High And Low Cultures On The Island Of Guam: A Case Study With Micronesian Educators On Their Perceptions, Attitudes, Beliefs, And Performance Of Multi-Cultures In School And Community Contexts By Dr. Ye Kyoung Kim

*Class Exercise Tools On The Internet: Quia By Toyoko Kang

*What All Teachers Need To Know About English Language Learners By Elizabeth Hamilton

*Kairos & Multiculturalism By Mr. Tom Maxedon

*Using Internet Tools To Enhance Multicultural Education By Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera, With UOG Students Josephine Mesa Cruz, Nadine Cruz, Marife Fernandez, Cindy Galvez, Alan Jamison, Devin Paciente, Tessa Pfahler, Darlene Quichocho, Angela Sablan, Ceria Santos, & Yolanda Tabayoyong

*Engaging With Google Interactive Docs By Dr. Jacqui Cyrus

*Mathematics - The Universal Language. Is It Really? By Grazyna Badowski

*A Panel Of Poets By Dr. Chris Schreiner, With Travis Brown, Joanna Caqsi, Jolene Mendiola, Jajae Sabangan, Heather Peredo, Faith Realica, Johnavan Tamayo

*Myths About Dyslexia By Dr. Deane Jesse-Jones

*Putting The Spotlight On Readers’ Theater By Dr. Catherine Stoicovy, With Faye Kaible, Mary Jane Alegre, Christine Joy Borja, Marife Fernandez, & Geraldine Sablan

*Second Language Teaching Methodology: A Discourse Analysis Siop Teacher Talk In Secondary Classrooms Based Ona Text Coding Method By Dr. Ye Kyoung Kim, Julia Shore, Toni Salas, & Roy Leon Guerrero

Project H├ątsa and UOG’s English Curriculum: Course Objectives and Motives To Teach As Predictors Of Pre-Service Success By Professor Sharleen Santos-Bamba & Dr. Kyle Smith

Interdisciplianry Reading Strategies Through The Use Of Technology By Dr. Kelle Murphy & Dr. Sweeter Sachuo

*Using Culture to Teach Comprehension by Dr. Nancy Updegraff

*The Problem With Word Problems Is The Words! By Maria C. Gozum, Cecilia Padios, Arleen B. Suplido

*The I-Search Process: A Culturally Responsive Approach To Develop Student Writing Skills By Dr. Velma Sablan

*Three Essential Practices For Teaching English Language Learners Effectively By Elizabeth Hamilton

*Pronunciations: Common And Humorous Mistakes By Dr. Mike Griffin

*UOG’s M.A. In English Program: An Introduction To The University Of Guam’s Master Of Arts Program In English By Dr. Jason Vest

*Critical Reading And Effective Writing In The Multicultural Classroom By Grace Griffin

*Teaching And Learning, Up Close And Personal: When Technology Is Not Enough! By Professor Pauline Baird

*Assessing Student Achievement: The Tamuning Elementary School’s, Reaching For Excellence Award By Dr. Jose Q. Cruz & Mrs. Kathy Reyes, Principal, Tamuning Elementary School.

*Secrets Of Success On The English Placement Test By Rick Zimmerman

*Language Backpack: Using Culture To Develop Strategies For Second Language Learners

*Sociolinguistics Of Language Teaching: Issues & Polemics

*Teaching And Learning Language Arts In Diverse Populations:

*What Is Unique And Special About It? By Dr. George Kallingal

*What Every Teacher Should Know About Criminal Law By Professor Mylene Lopez, Esq.

*Teaching Literature To High School Students By Dr. Yao Xin Chang



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IRA Donation to LAC: The International Reading Association (IRA) Guam Council donated $1,500 to the Language Arts Conference. Pictured above L-R: Grace Griffin, IRA Guam Council President; Dr. James Sellmann, Acting Dean for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS); Dr. Clarisa Quan, LAC Co-Chair; and Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera, LAC Co-Chair. Not pictured are LAC Co-Chairs Dr. Catherine Stoicovy; Dr. Beth Somera; Troy McVey, CLASS Associate Dean; Dr. Elizabeth Hawthorne, SOE Dean; and Debbie Respicio, LAC Administrative Coordinator.

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LAC Volunteers: Pictured above L-R: Frederick Varias, LAC Volunteer; Isabella Dendy, LAC Volunteer; Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera, LAC Co-Chair and Presenter; Kaori Isozaki, LAC Volunteer; and Robert Kilgore, LAC Volunteer.