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"Winning starts in the mind. Whatever the mind can conceive, it will achieve."
-Joaquin Nangauta Naputi

"Be the change you want to see in the world."
-Mahatma Gandhi

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hafa Adai!
As part of my commitment to continue to share cultural poems relating to our beautiful island of Guam and its people, here’s Korasón Poem #24 titled Sirena. Enjoy!


There’s a popular legend we have here on Guam

Of a beautiful and young native girl

Who had lovely long, black hair.

Her name was Sirena and she was a playful girl

Who loved to swim all day long.

When sent out to do errands

You can bet

She’d first take a swim in the river.

It’s been told that one day

Sirena's mother became very impatient

For she couldn’t stand Sirena swimming most of the day

When errands had to be done.

So one day came when she cursed Sirena into a fish.

But thanks to Sirena’s nina*

The curse was stopped halfway.

To this day, we hear about Sirena,

As a beautiful creature – half woman and half fish.

Her mother never saw her again

And wished she never said the curse

For tears of sadness flowed endlessly

As Sirena disappeared among the waves.

They say that Sirena has visited different places

Where she stopped vessels that came her way.

And it is believed

That this beautiful creature can be caught

Only with a net made of human hair.

© mnrivera and ltgumataotao

*nina: godmother

Source: Our Native Daughters’ Reflection of Guam and Its People by Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera and Lois Taitano Gumataotao

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