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"Winning starts in the mind. Whatever the mind can conceive, it will achieve."
-Joaquin Nangauta Naputi

"Be the change you want to see in the world."
-Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hafa Adai! As part of my commitment to continue to share cultural poems relating to our beautiful island of Guam and its people, here’s Korasón Poem #48 titled Tapon Dia. Enjoy!

Tapon Dia

Saturday was my family’s Tapon Dia.
As low tide came around
We went to the beach to harvest clam all day long.
We would use our fingers
To dig deep into the sand.
And we would pick as many clams as we could.

Clam after clam we all would harvest
Clam after clam we all would spread out
We would dig and dig
Until our bucket was filled with clams.

But the best thing of all is eating the clams
After it has been washed and boiled with coconut milk
For eating the cooked clams with hot rice
Is a well deserved treat!
© mnrivera and ltgumataotao

* Tapon Dia: Clam Day

Source: Our Native Daughters’ Reflection of Guam and Its People by Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera and Lois Taitano Gumataotao

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